Bats make up a quarter of the mammalian diversity on the planet. The African continent and Madagascar and its associated islands contain about 258 extant species of bats, which comprises about 25% of the global bat diversity. Bats are an important component in ecosystem health and condition. They occupy a critical niche...


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AfricanBats offer a wide variety of courses that will give you a solid background when working with bats. 

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  • Taxonomy, Systematics and Life Histories
  • Bats in protected areas
  • Cave conservation program



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The conservation of African bats.


To have a functioning, integrated program for education, capacity building, research and management for the conservation of bat populations in Africa.

Strategic Objectives


  • Provide administrative and financial management support for research, conservation, education, awareness and capacity building.
  • Develop networks to co-ordinate and enhance support for education, capacity building, and awareness, which improve the public understanding of bats, and skill competent people working to discover, collect and collate information appropriate for the conservation of African bats.
  • Develop an enabling policy and legislative framework that integrates bat conservation in Africa.
  • Develop and provide access to tools and resources.
  • Identify and support conservation and research projects.

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